The CBMS 2017 Organizing Committee invites you to its parallel social program!

[NB: Please note that the following events are not included in your registration fee. The price indicated is per person; the same price applies to conference participants and to accompanying persons.]


Thursday 22 June 2017 Night cruise

The CBMS 2017 wine reception at the conference venue will finish around 8-9pm. For those who want to continue their summer evening and have a quick look at Thessaloniki night life, we suggest a …cruise! We haven’t rented a boat for conference attendants, however, bar boats are available already. We have organized a shuttle bus to pick us up from KEDEA, and leave us at the sea side. We will walk to the boat, hop on, have a 30 minute cruise and come back to the sea side. Participants may stay as long as they want to finish their drinks or order more!

Time: 8:30 pm the shuttle will leave from KEDEA (no return shuttle will be available)

Cost: 8 euros (includes shuttle to the sea side, and a beer, wine or soft drink)

You may register for this event at the Conference secretariat until 22.06.2017 and 4 pm. You will need to pre-pay in cash* until 4pm, and a receipt will be provided to you on the following day.

*No credit card payment will be available for this service



The Conference Chairs would like to invite all registered participants to a Wine Reception at 7 pm, or right after the end of the second keynote speech. During this reception, for which no additional fee will be required, delegates will have the possibility to enjoy a unique concert by Dr. Simoglou and distinguished soloists of the Greek National Opera.



The CBMS Conference Chairs invite all conference delegates to a Conference Dinner which will take place on Friday 23/06/2017 at 20:30.

Dinner includes traditional Greek food, dessert and 250 ml of wine or soft drink per person, in a Greek restaurant. The set menu is based on “sharing approach”, meaning that there will be a full menu (appetizers, salads and main courses including fresh fish and sea food) which will be shared per 4 persons; this is the traditional Greek style which allows tasting of a great variety of dishes.



The Conference Dinner, as well as, the transportation to the restaurant is offered to all delegates without any extra payment. The details of the dinner venue and guidelines for transportation (buses will depart at 20:00) will be announced before the opening of the conference. In case you are not available to take part, we kindly ask you to let us know by email at .

The Organizing Committee is aiming to make this a memorable evening for all of you!


Saturday 24 June 2017 Afternoon Sightseeing at Vergina (17:00 to 21:00)

Sunday 25 June 2017 Sightseeing at Vergina (09:00 to 13:00)

The visitors who would like to experience the ancient and historic kingdom of Macedon will depart from the Thessaloniki city centre and return in the city centre within 4 hours. This memorable visit to one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites can be visited either right after the closure of the Conference on Saturday, or on Sunday.

The visitors will visit Aegae, the capital city of the Macedonian Kingdom, where the royal necropolis is situated.  The burial tumulus which dominates the place covers a royal burial cluster. Among the tombs exhibited is the one of Philip II, father of Alexander the Great and of his grandson Alexander IV, son of Alexander the Great. Under the dark shell covering the royal tombs, visitors will have the chance to admire an exhibition of the artifacts offered to the kings as well as some masterpieces of the ancient Classical Greek art, such as architecture, monumental painting, weaponry and jewelry.

The visit will be directed by a professional guide who will give you the insights of the most important archaeological sites of Greece, as well as, of the city of Thessaloniki. You will travel with him by TAXI or shuttle (depending on the number of people attending), the trip lasts around 50 minutes, the tour lasts 1,5 hours and there will be 30-45 minutes of relaxing time at the sight.

Sightseeing at Vergina  - Price list

For 1 person

342 euros

For a group of 2 persons

177 euros per person

For a group of 3 persons

122 euros per person

For bigger groups

The price can be decreased accordingly


Time: 4 hours

Cost: as indicated in the price list table above

You may pre-register for this event by sending an email at  stating your preferred day and the names of participants. Payment will need to be made either by wire transfer* or in cash* at the Conference secretariat until 23.06.2017. A receipt will be provided to you on the day of the event.

*No credit card payment will be available for this service. For wire transfers the band details will be sent to you following your pre-registration.



Sunday 25 June 2017 Excursion to Chalkidiki (Vineyard & swimming)

The shuttle will leave from the White Tower at 10:30 am.

Following a short drive we will arrive at a vineyard outside Thessaloniki. A tour at the vineyard will start at 11:30 am and will last for 1 hour. It will include a tour in the wine-production area, the bottling area, ageing area and museum. Participants will be allowed to visit the wine-tasting rooms, and buy wine at their own cost if they wish.

The shuttle will continue to a beach on the way to Chalkidiki. We will visit a Beach Bar where participants will be able to swim and relax at the beach and enjoy coffee, soft drinks and snacks (at their own cost). By ordering any drink or snack, participants can benefit from the use of umbrellas, lounge chairs, WC, changing booth. Duration: 1:15 pm - 5:00 pm. The shuttle will leave at 5:00 pm and will return to the White Tower around 6:00 pm.

Time: 10:30 am – 6 pm

Cost: 25 euros (includes transfer by bus and entrance at the vineyard)

Participation is limited. You may pre-register for this event by sending an email at before 14.06.17 stating the names of participants. Payment will need to be made in cash* at the Conference secretariat until 22.06.2017 and 4 pm. A receipt will be provided to you on the day of the event.

*No credit card payment will be available for this service