Keynote Speech

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Tony Solomonides
NorthShore University HealthSystem (USA)
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Allan Tucker
Brunel University London (UK)
Conference room
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Thursday, June 22, 2017 - 18:15 to 19:00

There are many diagnosis and treatment guidelines for certain conditions, but there are others, especially undifferentiated complaints, the problem of diagnosis is wide open. A team from NorthShore, Case Western Reserve, Carnegie Mellon, Weill Cornell, and Johns Hopkins is working on a joint project to study the diagnostic process in the case of several undifferentiated complaints, including (a) Abdominal Pain, and (b) Dizziness. There are many different approaches to the problem of discovery of good diagnostic pathways from the electronic health record. I will discuss several approaches and show some results from each. The problem of finding optimal pathways -- i.e. courses of action that would minimize time to diagnosis without an unacceptable risk of diagnostic error -- remains elusive, so it would give us something to discuss further.