Connected Health in Multiple Sclerosis: a mobile applications review
Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is an unpredictable, often disabling disease that can adversely affect any body function; this often requires persons with MS to be active patients who are able to self-manage. There are currently thousands of health applications available but it is unknown how many concern MS. We conducted a systematic review of all MS apps present in the most popular app stores (iTunes and Google Play store) on June 2016 to identify all relevant MS apps. After discarding non-MS related apps and duplicates, only a total of 25 MS apps were identified. App description contents and features were explored to assess target audience, functionalities, and developing entities. The vast majority of apps dealt with disease and treatment information with disease management being a close second. This is the first study that reviews MS apps and it highlights an interesting gap in the current repertoire of MS mHealth resources.
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Guido Giunti
Salumedia Tecnologias (SP)
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Estefania Guisado-Fernandez
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