Friday, June 23, 2017 - 09:00 to 18:45
A digital pen-pased tool for instant digitisation and digitalisation of biopsy protocols
In order to improve medical processes in nephrology, we present an application that allows doctors to create biopsy protocols by using a digital pen on a tablet. The biopsy protocol app is seamlessly integrated into existing infrastructure at the hospital (see figure 1). Compared to other reporting tools, we provide (1) real-time hand-writing/gesture recognition and real-time feedback on the recognition results on the screen; (2) a real-time digitisation into structured data and PDF documents; and (3) the mapping of the transcribed contents into concepts of the Banff classification. Our approach combines the benefits of paper with the automatic digitisation and digitalisation of hand-written user input. A fully digital and mobile approach should empower nephrologists to produce high quality data more effectively and in real-time so that it can be directly used in hospital processes.
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Alexander Prange
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Danilo Schmidt
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