Visualization of Wearable Data and Biometrics for Analysis and Recommendations in Childhood Obesity
Obesity is one of the major health risk factors behind the rise of non-communicable conditions. Understanding the factors influencing obesity is very complex since there are many variables that can affect the health behaviors leading to it. Nowadays, multiple data sources can be used to study health behaviors, such as wearable sensors for physical activity and sleep, social media, mobile and health data. In this paper we describe our experiences with the design of a dashboard for the visualization of actigraphy and biometric data from a childhood obesity camp in Qatar. This dashboard allows qualitative discoveries that can be used to orient quantitative research.
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Michael Aupetit
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Luis Fernandez-Luque
Qatar Computing Research Institute (QA)
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Meghna Singh
Qatar Computing Research Institute (QA)
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Jaideep Srivastava