Friday, June 23, 2017 - 09:00 to 18:45
Towards Flexible Remote Therapeutic Interventions
During the last years, an increasing number of patients have been suffering from mental disorders, making the introduction of efficient therapies absolutely essential. In this context, therapeutic interventions with homework play a crucial role. In line with this, the widespread dissemination of smart mobile devices offers promising opportunities for the support of a variety of remote therapeutic interventions. First, smart mobile devices can assist patients in performing homework. Second, they may be used to monitor homework outcomes by therapists. However, from a technical perspective, frequently required changes of mobile therapeutic intervention applications constitute a major challenge. To provide flexible remote therapeutic intervention support we deploy process management technology to smart mobile devices . This paper discusses flexibility issues addressed by mobile processes. Altogether, the achieved flexibility significantly increases the practical benefits of smart mobile devices in the context of remote therapeutic interventions.
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Marc Schickler
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Rudiger Pryss
Ulm University (DE)
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Johannes Schobel
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Winfried Schlee
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Thomas Probst
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