Friday, June 23, 2017 - 09:00 to 18:45
Efficiently Indexing Multiple Repositories of Medical Image Databases
Performing content-based image retrieval over large repositories of medical images demands efficient computational techniques. The use of such techniques is intended to speed up the work of physicians, who often have to deal with information from multiple data repositories. When dealing with multiple data repositories, the common computational approach is to search each repository separately and merge the multiple results into one final response, which slows down the whole process. This can be improved if we build a mechanism able to search several repositories as if they were a single one, i.e. a mechanism to search the whole domain of medical images. Aiming at this goal, we propose the Domain Index, a new category of index structures aimed at efficiently searching domains of data, regardless of the repository to which they belong. To evaluate our proposal, we carried out experiments over multiple mammography repositories involving k Nearest Neighbor (kNN) and Range queries. The results show that images from any repository are seamlessly retrieved, even sustaining gains in performance of up to 36% in kNN queries and up to 7% in Range queries. The experimental evaluation shows that the Domain Index allows fast retrieval from multiple data repositories for medical systems, allowing a better performance in similarity queries over them.
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Paulo H. Oliveira
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Lucas C. Scabora
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Mirela T. Cazzolato
University of Sao Paulo - ICMC (BR)
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Willian D. Oliveira
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Agma J. M. Traina
University of Sao Paulo (BR)
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Caetano Traina-Jr
University of Sao Paulo (BR)