PhytoCloud: A Gamified Mobile Web Application to Modulate Diet and Physical Activity of Women with Breast Cancer
Breast cancer incidence and mortality rates vary geographically reflecting factors including regional and cultural differences in diet and lifestyle. There are numerous successful commercial mobile apps to help dieters control their diet and manage weight. However, such products are not suitable for people with special medical conditions that may require targeted dietary as well as motivational support. The paper presents a user centered approach of developing a mobile web app that focusing on breast cancer patients looking at the specific dietary, physical and mental requirements depending on the stage of their medical treatment. It paper presents a study that explores the effect of incorporating gamification and social media as motivational drive to engage and motivate people to achieve their goals of adopting healthier eating habits while increasing physical activity in order ensure lasting “lifestyle behavioural change” focusing on breast cancer patients. The paper describes the design of “PhytoCloud” a gamified mobile web app that enables users to record their dietary habits and physical activity and motivate their consumption of foods with oestrogen-like properties (phytoestrogens) which are linked to the prevention of reappearance of breast cancer. The paper concludes with future directions of the work to address the research questions and suggestions for adaptations to the design to suite a mobile native app design.
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Daphne Economou
University of Westminster (UK)
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