Friday, June 23, 2017 - 11:00 to 12:30
Quality of Context Evaluating Approach in AAL Environment using IoT Technology
This paper presents an approach to the evaluation of Quality of Context (QoC) parameters in a ubiquitous Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) e-Health platform, supporting the care of people with special needs (elderly or with health problems) thus improving their quality of life. The proposal is initially verified with the Siafu simulator in an AAL scenario where the user’s health is monitored with information about blood pressure and body temperature. The research proceeded with the use of IoT technology, the e-Health Sensor Platform, a differentiated real environment. The experiment used the sensors: pulse and oxygen in blood, body temperature, blood pressure, patient’s position and falls. Just as in the simulation, and with the QoC evaluation, the completed real experiment confirmed instances of insufficient QoC and its possible causes, in addition to alerts to potential health problems. Results indicates the relevance of the QoC approach for AAL applications.
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Debora Cabral Nazario
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Pedro J. Campos
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Eduardo C. Inacio
Federal University of Santa Catarina (BR)
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Mario A. R. Dantas