Friday, June 23, 2017 - 09:00 to 18:45
Conceptualising a Targeted Rehabilitation Exercise Biofeedback System for a Cancer Survivorship Population
"Introduction The increased prevalence of cancer survivors requires a focus on developing long-term, cost-effective management strategies to prevent and limit disability and morbidity. Background Cancer survivors with pain, weakness and restricted movement often benefit from targeted exercise programmes provided by a Physiotherapist. Physical, psychological and situational factors can impact on patients’ abilities to complete these exercises. In recent years, interactive biofeedback exercise systems have been shown to be effective in the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal impairments. Such a system has not yet been developed for cancer survivors. Proposal A targeted rehabilitation exercise biofeedback system for use in cancer survivors is proposed. This system aims to enhance rehabilitation outcomes using biofeedback, gamification and adherence promotion strategies. The design will be intuitive and accessible. Remote communication with the Physiotherapist will enhance safety and cost-effectiveness. Conclusion An online targeted-exercise biofeedback system for use in cancer rehabilitation could be beneficial for the growing numbers of individuals surviving cancer."
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Louise Brennan
University College Dublin (IE)
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Ailish Daly
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Brian Caulfield