Saturday, June 24, 2017 - 09:00 to 15:45
Memorandum: An Android App for Efficient Note Keeping in Concurrent Multi-Participant Human Subject Studies
Note keeping is an indispensable ingredient of successful research. Although traditionally performed on paper, recently the task is increasingly facilitated by Electronic Lab Notebooks, i.e., ICT programs that allow their users to make electronic observation in laboratory contexts. Owing to recent advances in mobile technologies, Smartphones and Tablets have emerged as promising alternatives for electronic note keeping. When it comes to human subjects studies, i.e., the scientific investigation of human beings for medical, behavioral or social purposes, it is sometimes the case that multiple study participants perform a certain task concurrently. In such concurrent multi-participant experiments, efficient note keeping is critical as it can help assure the quality of the collected data and filter out compromised cases. The current paper present the design and implementation of Memorandum, a novel configurable Android application that the assistants of medical, behavioral or social HSR experiments to quickly and easily keep notes about the study participants. Memorandum can support concurrent multi-participant experiments where the participants are sitting at specific spots around a number of tables – e.g., to eat a meal. The app has already been successfully employed in two session of a real behavioral study involving 40 participants and it is made freely available via Google Play.
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Leandros Stefanopoulos
Aristotle University Thessaloniki (GR)
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Christos Maramis
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Ioannis Moulos
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