Friday, June 23, 2017 - 09:00 to 18:45
An IT Platform Enabling Remote Therapeutic Interventions
The development of IT solutions for properly supporting homework in the context of therapeutic interventions has been neglected so far. Both psychologists and medical doctors crave for the widespread use of smart mobile devices (e.g., smartphones) to assist patients in performing homework. If a patient is assisted by a smart mobile device, for example, the latter can automatically inform the therapist of the homework outcome and, hence, enable him to timely adjust the therapeutic intervention if required. Relevant requirements to realize such an IT platform were elicitated in real-world projects, in which therapists were supported with specifically tailored intervention tools. Based on the requirements identified, we realized the Albatros platform that enables therapists to organize and monitor therapeutic interventions remotely. Using the platform, homework can be created with a web-based component, while it is performed by patients with the help of smart mobile devices. However, the integration of smart mobile devices is challenging as therapists crave to utilize an execution context (e.g., at 5am) as well as proper feedback for homework. We realized sophisticated features presented in this paper, together with the elicitated requirements and the architecture of the platform. Furthermore, we discuss the advantages of the platform compared to traditional therapy support. Finally, we give insights into a proof-of-concept prototype. Altogether, we regard the Alabtros platform as presented with our approach as an important step towards more efficient remote therapeutic interventions.
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Marc Schickler
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