Friday, June 23, 2017 - 11:00 to 12:30
Applied technologies and Smart Home applications in the health sector
Smart homes are no longer design concepts of the future. They are being built now, and they are having a direct impact on the lifestyles of people living in them. The aim of smart home systems is to create an environment that is aware of the activities taking place within it. Beside the healthy people, disabled people also need such systems to make their life easier, because they encounter with a lot of difficulties in their everyday life especially when they are at home. The solutions detailed in this paper offer health systems to be integrated with Smart Home services platforms to support home based e-care. Thus, the home e-health systems and architectures detailed in this paper will give a snapshot on the state of the art in the smart home technology for elders, people with disabilities, diabetes patients and people with schizophrenia. The focus of this research work is to supply a seamless personal care solution both from the biomedical data analysis, service provision, security guarantee and information managementĀ“s point of view.
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Nikolaos Katsivelis
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Athanasios Anastasiou
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Ourania Petropoulou
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George Lambrou
National Technical University of Athens (GR)
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Kostas Giokas
AiM Research Biomedical Engineering Lab NTUA (GR)
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Dimitrios Koutsouris
National Technical University of Athens (GR)