Saturday, June 24, 2017 - 11:30 to 12:30
Brain Image and Lesions Registration and 3D Reconstruction in Dicom MRI Images
During a human brain MRI acquisition the resulting image is formed out of 2D slices. The slices must then be aligned and reconstructed to provide a 3-dimensional (3D) visualization of the brain volume. We propose in this work, an integrated system for the register ion and 3D reconstruction of DICOM MRI images and lesions of the brain acquired from multiple sclerosis (MS) subjects at two different time intervals (time 0 (T0) and time 1 (T1)). The system facilitates the follow up of the MS disease development and will aid the doctor to accurately manage the follow up of the disease. It involves a 6stage analysis (preprocessing, lesion segmentation, registration, 3D reconstruction, volume estimation and method evaluation), as well as module quantitative evaluation of the method. The system was evaluated based on one MRI phantom and one DICOM MRI image of the brain. The accuracy of the proposed registration and reconstruction (- / -) method was 78.5%/97.2% and 95.4%/95.8% for the phantom and MRI images respectively. These preliminary results provide evidence that the proposed system could be applied in future in the clinical practice.
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Christos P Loizou
Cyprus University of Technology (CY)
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Christos Papacharalambous
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Giorgos Samaras
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Efthivoulos Kyriakou
Frederick University (CY)
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Takis Kasparis
Cyprus University of Technology (CY)
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Marios Pantziaris
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Eleni Eracleous
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Constantinos Pattichis
University of Cyprus (CY)