Friday, June 23, 2017 - 09:00 to 18:45
Differential diagnosis listing as relevance feedback: An essential user interface for clinical decision support systems
"The user interface of the CDSS has not been well addressed by the field of research. In the previous study, we investigated the presentation of diagnostic output and proposed the hierarchical representation of differential diagnosis lists that provides an effective way of interfacing with a CDSS. To improve the input process, in this study, we proposed the incorporation of relevance feedback. Such feedback can be used to sharpen the search query, and to initiate a dialogue with the user, regarding the presence or absence of particular diagnostic information. It can also be used to continuously improve the accuracy of the diagnostic algorithm. This study qualitatively evaluated the proposed approach, and demonstrated that relevance feedback has desirable"
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Takashi Okumura
National Institute of Public Health (JP)
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Tomoko Kajiyama
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Noboru Sonehara