Saturday, June 24, 2017 - 09:00 to 15:45
Visual Role in the Dynamic Postural Balance due to Aging – Assessment by using an Augmented Reality Purterbation System
Sensorimotor modulation is degenerated due to aging, and it may cause the elderly falling in a daily activity. To evaluate the postural balance ability, the clinical functional balance assessments, somatosensory test, muscle strength and the joint motion measurement are usually applied to evaluate the falling potential in the aged population. However, the ceiling effect is found among the sub-healthy elderly with high functional mobility but has a potential risk of falling. Therefore, a designed augmented reality scene combined with the continuously perturbed platform was used in this study, to evaluate the modulation degeneration due to aging. A total of 30 healthy participants (fourteen young adults, sixteen elderly) without any known defects were recruited in this study. Results showing that the setup of the novel assessment tool was sensitive for discriminating the postural related cortical response. The elderly showed a compensated symmetric muscle firing sequence and correlated cortical modulation to reduce the postural influence by the augmented reality. The young adults performed a dynamic and rhythmic postural response to maintain stability
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Chun-Ju Chang
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Sai-Wei Yang
National Yang-Ming University (TW)
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Jen-Suh Chern
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Tsui-Fen Yang